Life Cycle Assessment Workshop on February 6th, 2014


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„Life Cycle Assessment“ (LCA) also known as “Life Cycle Analysis” is an important topic within all currently running FP7 projects dealing with “resource efficiency”. The term “life cycle” refers to the notion that all the stages of a product`s life from cradle-to-grave (i.e. from raw material extraction through material processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair, maintenance and disposal or recycling) are considered.

The principal aim of LCA is to compare the comprehensive environ-mental effects assigned to particular products or services in order to improve processes, support policy and provide a sound basis for an environmental-friendly decision-making process.

In this relation we shared knowledge on this important topic within a joint event on February 6th, 2014.

Representatives of 12 European projects realized in FP7 presented and discussed their approaches to LCA, the benefit of LCA for their projects and used data sources and software. Afterwards the challenge of LCA and the need of European guidelines regarding impact categories and methods were discussed.

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